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How to help your child deal with their anxiety about school

by Ricky Nguyen

If you are concerned that your child is having a tough time managing their stress about school, you may see their anxiety express itself in different ways, from struggling to sleep, to social withdrawal and anger. It can be extremely frustrating for family to deal with a stressed out and anxious child, so here are some practical steps you can take to help your child relax.

Instigate formal language based sleep routines

Many children with anxiety struggle with related sleep disorders. If your child is having trouble getting to sleep it can help to go back to the highly formalised sleep routines you may have used when your child was a toddler, involving warm baths, and reading to your child in bed. Language based systems are useful to help children get to sleep, and resolving the sleep disorder can help lead to better mood moderation the next day.

Use alternate sources of achievement to reduce the focus on school

If your child is struggling with stress over school achievement using other activities to give them a sense of fulfillment and achievement can lower their stress about school. Activities such as martial arts, sports or drama can offer children an alternative path for achievement and social connection. Additionally, activities that combine some physical activity, such as those just mentioned, can be a useful way to help children relieve anxiety and is a great, low cost option for parents and children to try.

Access professional help

Counselling and psychological therapy can also help kids with anxiety. Techniques like sleep management and exercise can be used alongside useful therapy sessions that help children to work through practical techniques to help with the aspects of school which are worrying them. Counselling for anxiety is very practically based and can be very useful for parents and children to learn effective ways to work through the situation.

Discuss the matter with your child's teacher

If your child is having some anxiety around school, it makes sense to also involve your child's teacher. They can also help to supply other ideas that may help with anxiety, and continue to use some of the techniques that have helped your child at home, in the classroom. Don't be embarrassed by bringing up this issues as anxiety is a relatively common issue amongst school aged children and your child's teacher will have dealt with similar situations previously.

Taking some positive steps towards managing your child's anxiety can help you and your child feel better soon.