Augmenting Counseling with TV, Movies and Books

  • The benefits of hypnotherapy

    19 December 2015

    Counselling is an umbrella term that covers many different methods of treatment. Perhaps the least well known of all the therapies that fall under it is hypnotherapy. Initially, the patient undergoes hypnosis. They are put into a deeply relaxed state that alters their consciousness. In this state, the patient is more open to suggestion and self-exploration. Once full hypnosis is achieved there will be more access to the individual's subconscious mind, and the hypnotherapist will be able to help the patient create a positive change that lasts for a lengthy period of time.

  • How to help your child deal with their anxiety about school

    4 August 2015

    If you are concerned that your child is having a tough time managing their stress about school, you may see their anxiety express itself in different ways, from struggling to sleep, to social withdrawal and anger. It can be extremely frustrating for family to deal with a stressed out and anxious child, so here are some practical steps you can take to help your child relax. Instigate formal language based sleep routines

  • Working through your partner's same-sex attractions

    30 June 2015

    If you learn that your heterosexual partner has a same-sex attraction, this can come as a huge shock. While not commonly discussed amongst peers, this is relatively common and does not have to spell the end of your relationship. Here is a guide to some of the issues you may want to explore with your partner while working out the next steps for your relationship. The extent of their same-sex attraction

  • 3 Tips For Improving Communication With Your Spouse

    30 April 2015

    Married life is busy and packed with commitments and responsibilities, which can cause you to spend less quality time with your spouse as you try and stay on top of other areas of your life. Good communication is a vital part of a healthy, strong marriage and will help you both get through the inevitable tough times. If you've put quality time with your spouse on the backburner and feel you're drifting apart, consider these three tips for improving your communication and drawing closer to each other:

  • How can you beat the workplace bully?

    24 March 2015

    Victims of bullying can develop problems with self-esteem and confidence that, if unaddressed, can result in problems forming relationships with other people, as well as anxiety and depression. While bullying is most commonly associated with those difficult high school years, it is by no means the exclusive domain of the teenager.  In fact, bullying in the workplace is all too common – the dynamics of adult power and money can make workplace bullying something very hard to contend with.